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Author Topic: Pain so bad thinking about athrodesis or amputation after eleven surgeries  (Read 771 times)

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I have had a t.k.a. 10 years ago and a total of eleven surgeries since a college football accident fourty five years, ago (broken patella twice in 2 years)

Have had one major infection after one of my surgeries to knee four yeas ago, now on heavy doses of morphine for pain since.  Life has gone from bad to worse.  Pain even on pain management with 300 mg morphine daily keeps me in bed or wheelchair three out of five day's and I never know when pain will hit.
Was sent to the rather well known Anderson Orthopedic Clinic, where their doctors do research on and specialize on revisions for hips and knees.  The doc there said my best chance is to remove all parts, check internally for infection since there are many false negatives in aspiration and bone sacans which i have had, and put a new knee in if no infection or treat with two stage surgery if there is infection.  He did however say there is a chance that even if everything is done well I could get worse.  If that happened I would not want to live any more.  At just 66 y.o. I do not want to spend rest of my life in bed.
I have read a lot about athrodesis as a slavage option.  Even though you end up with a stiff knee, apparently is gives a very high degree of pain relief.  I have attempted to simulate life with a stiff leg and it is really not too bad, as I can even drive with my good left leg and keep the right one stiff away from the pedals.
The doctor seems to think that could be an over reaction to my pain, but would wait and see how things work out with my surgery scheduled for late January 2011.  I am thinking of asking him to go right to athrodesis and not going through multipal surgeries, and the chance things could get worse.  Has anyone had athrodesis, or know a lot about it, and what are your thoughts or experiences.  Pleas help.