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Author Topic: I "kneed" advice.  (Read 1507 times)

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I "kneed" advice.
« on: December 23, 2010, 03:50:25 PM »
So about, 7 weeks ago I was in a head on collision. I broke everything from the knee down, but so far the knee has been what has bothered me most. I had a full length leg cast on, but the doctor allowed it to be taken off after the 3rd week to save me some embarrassment (I'm only 17, I don't need a cast up to my bum!) Now I have a short cast on, which is below the knee, and have had it for about 4 weeks. My knee was broken right in half, and wire was used to put it back together. I just have some questions cause I have no idea how to get my leg to bend further than a 30 degree angle, how to strengthen my muscles, and just how to make it work in general.

What are the most effective kinds of at home physio? I'm wary of googling it because someone may be posting false information.

Any inspirational stories from someone else with a wired knee?

Anyone else go through this sort of thing, if so how long before your knee could take weight and you were walking?!


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Re: I "kneed" advice.
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2010, 06:53:05 PM »
 ;D sitting down is a none standing joke...  thought you might like a leg up with humourous response...
 sorry cant help with above, but as have had ironwork previously, but diff...... involved rods and external racking, breaking skin in 8 places...  mmmmmm but u got knarly scarrs to look forward to..
i was well plsd looks like was in nam.... u dont kno man!!!! u werent there...!!!!! ok gulf war then....

i can tell you that your age is ur best advantage.... the best advice i could offer is stay strong, positive and listen to ur body..
nice pain is good, nasty pain is bad... keep mobile..... get ur self some comedy dvd's laughing helps to lift ur spirits..
rest, warm up, exercise, warm down and then have a full rest day, repeat....
keep clean.... seriously keep clean.... esp if u have any externals... u need a good aseptic technique..
always was ur hands, seperate towel changed daily and keep as fresh as poss, clothes and bedding... carry wipes if you out and about clubbing it up**... not the best idea trust me**.... avoid pets, just while ur open, as can carry lots of micro.. dirty hospitals etc be wary... seriously.. you have to take control of ur hygiene and the environment ur in... if u see poor house keeping, then risk increased through cross contamination... make sure that ur med team are clean....
Avoid too much alcohol and fast foods... inc drugs....
Your better off with excellent diet and hydration..  avoid to much mineral water..... get filtered if you live in high solid content area also known as hard water..... i dont suggest using calgon though...
Fresh produce, extra fruit.. plenty of protein, see ur Gp re suppliments for vitamins as u'l need essential nutrients for good recovery, but check with u and ur meds...

Having had previous Iron work infections, heed the above warning...
 but i have a good remedy involves sea salt but painful although does work with excellent results, cleared chronic issue within 6 days... But painful... nothing more than u'v already experienced, long term biotics and other meds failed to help....

good luck lil dude... keep your chin up, smile and get ur game face on, then come out fighting....

research your situation to the max... challenge every piece of advice and inform urself to the full....
if u dont then nobody else will do it for you...... u know u, keep a record of ur progress, daily diary, include ur good results and bad, repeat good positive actions and avoid repeating bad, Note good pma about ur progress... praise ur self when u achieve the next step.... note everything, its amazing how much u forget about pain....

If all else fails you could improve your finances and sell your metal work... scrap at its highest value at the moment esp for med grade titanium and other alloys.... cash4mods pay well, also free toolkit to do it yourself.. winner :D

I would also suggest selling your leg, but to be honest i tried a couple of days ago without much success, had 2 offers and one of the was a right, and other although left, it was nearly 7inch to short, both female, one hairy, other not fit to kick ur self with
Even offer'd to swap both legs for new, or cash, but no takers as yet....
had a good response on a table leg swap, but... mmm go figure