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Author Topic: Patella Tendon... does pt work, should u have surgery???? r u doomed  (Read 766 times)

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Patella Tendon issues.... Then read on.. Need support feeling unhappy as no meds today... day 7 i think after op..
 and im being totally serious after reading volumes of blogs that say the similar thing, i was wondering what ur thoughts
were.. bit of a poll to..  gain an insight to basic rates of success without the red tape stats

 Q1 Physio, has anybody had any positive response to pt, eccentric loading etc.. prior to surgery...
 Q2 Surgery, is it the correct descision.
 Q3 Aftercare, does and donts, who to listen to...
 Q4 Life after op... % of life returning to normal, can u  continue active, extreme sports.
 Q5 Pain... friend or foe...  Should my body guide me through, or should you push it under meds...
 Q6 Icing and anti immflam drugs..... should i let nature take its course, without nsaids..
 Q7 Meds and low energy...  Should you reduce your med asap and utilise good life practices
 Q8 Laughter and pain....  Should the Dr be dealing in comedy rather than drugs
 Q9 Patients charter... Ethics of taking advantage of the expensive alternative to nhs.
Q10 Infections... Ethics of salting wounds.. Age old alternatives, should this be the way forward
Q11 Braces and Support Aids... Should you only undertake activites that wont cause future issues/injuries and complications
Q12 Knowing what you now know about ur gammy pegs, if poss would you go back and change your life or do something diff
Q13 Unlucky for some... Or does it depend on the level of skill and knowledge of your medical team
Q14 Prevention.. Should there be more school education about physiology and sports education re health and diet, body care
Q15 Wives tales... Any truth behind the remedies.... herb poltice, sea weed wraps and others for immflam over drug options
Q16 Is spamming a form of networking or cheap ass attention seeking.... Dont ansa... just smile kg

Pls feel free to start a poll or sep thread with your ideas, i would be interested to know ur thoughts, ideas experiences....

I have many views on a lot of issues, vast experience of pain and injuries, though limited medical knowledge i have a deep lack of respect for the medical poltiical system within the NHS.
Gps and med staff all good, just that years of experience of the nhs and its policies with care etc has left a bad taste in my mouth.. Personnel experiences range from grandparent and parent issues as well as friends and my own medical situation.

So i was wondering if anybods would be interested in a humoured banter.. that inc u kneeguru.... you must have some op's on tings and have vast knowl and incite to most issues... get involved its xmas...

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Re: Patella Tendon... does pt work, should u have surgery???? r u doomed
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2010, 04:03:08 PM »
Hi Moo
Good to see you are still joking.  If you are like me that is about all you have left.
What's the difference between and OS and God? God doesnt think he is an OS. 8) (this was in someones earlier posts this year)
Hang in there Moo this to shall pass.
Take Care,
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