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Author Topic: TKR wear revision aspiration fluid xray  (Read 1278 times)

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TKR wear revision aspiration fluid xray
« on: December 23, 2010, 08:30:39 AM »
Hello all.
Long story short. I have a left TKR installed about 10 years ago.
I am VERY active.
Recently I have noticed that the knee is HOT and swollen. Last week I had an episode where the knee was tight even more swollen stiff and sore.
I made an apt with my OS and he looked at rays and suggested that we aspirate

It did not hurt and gave fantastic results right away. tightness went away and knee felt better right away.

He has me going  to do a bone scan.
He is checking the fluid for infection even though the knee fluid shows no signs (pus)
The problem is that my knee has REFILLED with fluid in about 24 hours.
I was extremely surprised by the volume of fluid he removed.
Any similar experiences? what is with the quick refill?
My OS says he is pretty sure that the plastic is wearing and that there may be debris which my body is reacting to. Does this sound right? It feels right....