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Author Topic: ACL Reconstruction Recovery?  (Read 818 times)

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ACL Reconstruction Recovery?
« on: December 20, 2010, 02:02:22 PM »
I'll be brief and quick:

I had an ACL Reconstruction on Thursday 14th October using my Patella Tendon after a horrendous football tackle (soccer for the Americans). I ruptured my ACL and my lateral meniscus. Both have been repaired and I'm on a speedy recovery!

Yesterday I went bowling, everything was fine but there were a few awkard clicks. And I've been very paranoid when I walk. There have been a few clicks and the front of my knee feels weird, I'm not sure if this is my conscious but can someone please assure me there is nothing wrong? I'm going to see my PT on Wednesday so I'll probably ask him!

Did I go back to bowling too early

Many Thanks!