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Author Topic: incision  (Read 1041 times)

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« on: December 19, 2010, 04:36:30 AM »
 i had broken my patella in three places this past october,am going thru same pain and pt,am 60 yrs old and finding it unbearable.i was wondering if anyone is also having pain where the incision is very tender and doing my best and wonder how long this will take...driving me crazy as i have a 19 month old granddaughter .who wants to play haha.thanks in advance for any help or ideas I also am tired of hearing i should be fine since i dont need the brace after 5 weeks

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Re: incision
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2010, 05:21:26 AM »
Welcome to the board.
Sorry to hear you are in pain.  It is not a mickey mouse injury.  It takes along time to heal even for those younger than yourself.
Did they put in hardware?  If so the hardware often causes problems.  Incisions in general take a long time to feel somewhat normal.  I am over a year out from my surgery for something different but it still bugs me sometimes.  Try to desensitisze it a little by rubbing it with vitamine e or favourite lotion.  that sometime helps.
People who have never been through it have no idea.  Jusy tell them you will trade places and they will quiet down.Try posting on bone breaks around the knee.  You will find more help there as many have also suffered an injury of a similar nature.
Take Care,
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Re: incision
« Reply #2 on: December 19, 2010, 08:34:57 AM »
Hey Ava,
Sorry you're having a rough go of it.  I'm a 49 y/o male 18 weeks post surgery from my busted patella.  Although I don't regularly have pain at my incision site, my knee just hurts.   I find I regularly have to take tylenol to keep it at a functional level.  When I push my activities too far I have to spend a little extra time with the leg elevated and iced.  Icing my knee helps the swelling but if my hardware gets too cold it's also another source of pain.   My busted patella is proving to be a very lengthy and frustrating part of my life.    When you loose the brace, non-members of the fractured patella club think you're well, but we know better.   My 14 month old german shepherd / collie also always wants to play.   
Hang in there.
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Re: incision
« Reply #3 on: December 19, 2010, 12:58:14 PM »
Rknees4 has given you some good advice.  Vit e can reduce the appearance of the scar.  If you try this, be sure to test the oil out somewhere else on your body first.  The skin on the inside of your arm is a good place.  Some people can be allergic to vit e oil(I am).  You should also massage the area where the incision is.  Obviously, there can be a build up of scar tissue there.  By massaging it, you can loosen it up, and it won't be so painful.  When an incision is made, some nerves are cut.  Some people have numb spots, others can have hypersensitive areas.  This usually resolves with time.  Some massage therapists, and physios, have experience with post op massage techniques.  This may also be something you could look into.  Good Luck, and I hope you have fun with the Grand Baby!!

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