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Author Topic: ACL Laxity 10 months post op??  (Read 652 times)

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ACL Laxity 10 months post op??
« on: December 17, 2010, 12:01:36 AM »

Hi there, new member here. I am now 10 months post acl op (hamstring graft) and everything seemed to be going very well with the new ligament...however have had some recent problems that have really concerned me. Was at the gym the other day and was working the effected leg on the gym balance ball where my foot is firmly planted. Was standing one legged on it when I lost my balance slightly and twisted...felt a small brief pain in knee and a definite tug (where it hit a stopping point) of the acl graft within my knee...kinda scared me. Knee however didn't swell up and there was no real pain afterwards, just a dull ache really. Thought every thing would be fine but the next day at work I pivoted quickly on my footed and again a very brief small pain came from my knee.

Is this a sign that my acl graft is lax and that i'm stretching it, and should this really be happening 10 months post operation? Or was that tug I felt just the acl doing its job? should i be feeling pain from it at this stage?

If anyone can give me advice on this it would be greatly appreciated.