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Author Topic: can an osteotomy and TTT be done at the same time if on the same leg?  (Read 622 times)

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So I had posted on here previously regarding corrections for patella alta.  After reading other posts and receiving some good advice in my previous post a new question has popped into my head.  I took crankerchick's advice and called my doc today to see if the previous CT scan would be able to indicate femoral anteversion or retroversion.  I have not heard back yet, but from what I have gathered these two conditions generally require the osteotomy procedure if the degrees of rotation are too great.  Assuming the worst, can they do both the osteotomy and TTT on the same leg at the same time?  I am definitely thinking that I have some sort of hip issues as my father used to yell at me all the time for walking "duck" footed as a child (here I thought I was doing something wrong, now I am learning it may be an anatomical defect!).  I also remember there were times where I would be standing with my body facing straight ahead, but when I looked at my feet both toes seemed to be pointing to the right.  My guess is I may have an anteversion in one leg and retroversion in the other; or maybe I am just reading too much online and have begun to over think things. Anyway if anyone has any information to offer or can tell me whether or not the TTTG CT scan can detect femoral rotation that would be helpful =)