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Author Topic: My Microfracture procedure and follow up  (Read 733 times)

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My Microfracture procedure and follow up
« on: December 12, 2010, 11:52:53 PM »
Good Day!!

I had a right knee micrfracture knee surgery done July 23, 2010.  I thought I would pass along my thoughts for those of you who will have this procedure.

I had a full thickness defect of the lateral femoral chondyle.  This defect was first discovered in June 2007.  I had surgery, but not for that defect (more on that later).  The surgery in 2007 involved the lateral meniscus and chondromalacia.

I never fully progressed after this surgery despite therapy.  I had two follow up MRI's of this knee in 2008 and 2010.  The defect was still there, got larger and was never addressed until I saw another doctor in 2010.  The comment made by the second doctor was that the op notes from my first surgery indicated that the 1st doctor appeared to never inspect the area that was noted as a defect.  The doctor recommended either OATS or microfracture surgery.  He referred me to a sports doctor.  The sports doctor indicated that I was not a good candidate for OATS.  She could do the Micrfracture surgery, but only over the winter.  I said no thank you due to the time of year.  I then saw a 3rd doctor who concurred with her findings and performed the microfracture surgery in july 2010.

During my follow up from microfracture surgery, the doctor stated that he could see how this was "missed" during the 1st surgery.  He indicated that when he looked at the area, it looked normal.  Once he probed however, he stated that the tissue was "soft".  As he attempted to "tug" on the cartilage, it "dissentegrated".

Fast forward.  I used a CPM for 3 weeks and was non-weight bearing for 7 weeks.  During this time I performed my at home therapy religously along with the use of copious amounts of ice.  I then was in PT for 2 months and I am now performing it on my own.

Over all I am please with the progress; albeit is a slow one.  Some days are better than others.  I still use an ice pack ever day, sometimes multiple times depending on my activity level.  I understand and accepted the fact that this surgery was NOT going to give me the knee of a 20 year old, therefore I didn't set myself up.

I found during the course of therapy that somethings I did not respond too, mainly heel-slides.  They irritated the patella tendon way too much and caused cramps in the calf, therefore I ceased doing them.

Several things that I should have done or done more of prior to this surgery would have been leg raises with toe back and stretching.  They would have prepared me better.

If any of you get the chance to meet a PT prior to surgery, have them do a quick look over and show you how to perform these exercise BEFORE you have the surgery.  This will help your progress and help you kill the down time you have prior to your PT.  I can not emphasise enough about how important this is.

My position was I would give myself a 1 to 1 and 1/2 of a year to get equal balance and strength in my legs.  So far, I appear to be on the correct path.  I have used a BOSU and a total gym, both of which I now have.  I do not though do well with "back to back" workouts involving my therapy.  If I feel that I have "over done it" for the day, I use ice and I am good as new the next day.

Any questions...give me a shout.
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Re: My Microfracture procedure and follow up
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2010, 03:23:36 AM »
Congratulations on your successful surgery. I wish i could have read your post before i had mine. My defect was also on the lateral femoral condyle and the size of a quarter. I went in totally unprepared for what was going to happen and then had to learn on the go after it was almost too late. Unlike you i expected to have a knee that was good as new and it definitely hasn't turned out that way. I too have good and bad days but i have been back to full activities for a year now and i have to say that my knee function is much better than pre-surgery even if not as good as new. So, for me it was definitely worth it. The funny thing about it is that while i did the CPM for 6 weeks and was NWB for 8, my doctor never prescribed any kind of PT. Whether that made any difference in my recovery i'll never know. I think your timetable is very realistic-i waited just about 1 year before i returned to high-impact activities and i'm glad now that i didn't rush it.
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