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Author Topic: For those of you who had/have quadricep weakness after ACL/Meniscus Surgery  (Read 1347 times)

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For those of you who had/have quadricep weakness after knee surgery (ACL/Meniscus) were you able to do a single legged squat. I still cant but are double leg squats still as effective in rebuilding the VMO/Quadriceps?

Single legged squats I just cant do.  Are there any others who suffer from the quadrciep weakness following surgery where single leg squats are near to impossible?

1st knee surgery was 5/25 ACL Meniscus
2nd was 10/20 clean out scar tissue and another missed meniscus cleanup

Cardio Days (Change machines up) Eliptical ramp with resistannce, stationary bike resisatnce, backwards walking on Treadmill, and stair master step up

Weight days
Change it up
Double leg squats with squeezing ball
Double leg regualr squats
Leg Press
Leg Curls
balancing on bad leg
Sit to stand bad leg as best as I can
Leg on bench lunge
Forward lunges
Side steps

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I thought I'd pass along my thoughts.......

Seems as though you are doing what you can for BOTH legs, but I don't see anything for one leg isolation.

I used a total gym during PT after microfracture surgery.

I did it with both legs, straight and toes pointed out.

When doing one leg, I dropped the total gym down to a lower level and performed single leg squats.

I don't have the same ROM when doing single leg squats on the total gym with my "repaired" knee, but I am getting there.

I attempted inverted leg presses on machine...but I didn't particulary care for them so I stopped doing them.

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I do isolate single leg when doing the leg press and leg curls.
A total gym sounds nice but can be costly.  Wish the Gyms carried them