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Author Topic: Update to A.C.I  (Read 1504 times)

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Update to A.C.I
« on: November 29, 2010, 12:33:03 PM »
Hi Guys,

I know its been a while since my last post which i apologise for as for of you with up and coming procedures i know only to well how valuable it is to read how others have got on. In my case my post op recovery was slightly delayed by the way i was discharged from Stanmore but since i spoke to my surgeon i felt better and understood a little bit of what went wrong, all i can say is if you come round on Ward 4 demand to see someone from your surgeons team.
As far as my recovery goes at the moment i am quite pleased the biggest drawback is i am non weight bearing until i see my consultant which was meant to be at 6 weeks, but this would fall on xmas eve so i am now not being seen till 10th January 2011 and Mr Mallack wont let me weight bear till he has seen me. My follow up has also been booked at Bolsover Road, London which i am assuming is to assist with the back log over xmas and prehaps because Mr Carrington is there that day, im not sure but my daughter has a day of scans and test at GOSH the same day so my mother in law is coming along with us so i can go off to my appointment and come back, so its going to be a long day in london and for someone who still cant walk, FUN!

I had my first physio appoinment on friday and they seemed to be pleased with how my knee looked, the scar looks great and is healing really well and i now have 3 sets of excercises to do and the brace has been set to 30 degrees, i am to try bending my knee to that 3 times a day and go back on friday just to check how i am doing. Like most of you my physio has no idea of the procedure i have had done and needed to spend 20 minutes on a p.c reading up on it and downloaded Stanmores recommendation for post op physio, which i do find really frustrating in one way, anytime you need to discuss what you are going through with any medical staff you have to explain it to them and they look at you as if you are talking giberish. I asked for a wheelchair to use while im non weight bearing as i cant get around outside the home on my frame, its just to painful on my other joints but my local hospital policy is they only loan wheelchairs to people who will be unable to walk for 6 months or more, i then asked if i could hire a cyro cuff to help with the swelling especially as i was now going to be doing excercises but they only own 1 to the whole hospital!

The pain is much more managable now and although as most of you know i am on chronic pain medication all the time i have even been able to reduce this as im not very mobile at the moment, in fact my back is more painful than my knee. All in all im quite happy so far if a bit frustrated being stuck in what with xmas round the corner, i have not even started shopping yet and now we have snow its going to be a while before im out again.

Hope evrybody else is keeping well and i hope all you having ops soon have the best of care and recoveries, Emma  :)


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Re: Update to A.C.I
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2010, 03:29:29 PM »
I was thinking about you the other day Emma and wondering how you were doing.  Glad that things are looking a bit better...except for the fact you NWB until 1/10/11....that seems like ages away....  I'm very lucky I guess that I was permitted 20-30% for 4 weeks then when I get to 4 weeks, I'll be at 50% and then FWB at 6 weeks....even in spite of the broken tibia!  My physical therapist also has never rehabbed a patella ACI, yet alone one along with an the tibial tuburcle ostetomy.  So, it's common here in the US, as well as the UK.  I asked my Dr.'s PA about that and he said I'd be hard pressed to find somebody who had rehabbed one since it's not too common of a procedure.

Sorry to hear that your back is hurting more than the knee.  My ankle actually flared up about 2 weeks post op and that was more painful than the knee was. Since I had the tuburcle osteotomy, I was told that it was probably blood dripping down the lining of my bone causing inflammtion.  My shoulders have also been incredibly achey and sore from crutching around.  It's amazing how our accommodations for our operated leg can affect so many other body parts!

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Re: Update to A.C.I
« Reply #2 on: November 29, 2010, 06:48:01 PM »
Hi Emma

Thanks for the update.  It's good to hear that things have settled down for you now.

If you are reliant on NHS support then owing to financial constraints they restrict support to those requiring it on a long term basis probably also reflects how long it takes for someone to get around to reviewing your case as well.

Have your tried contacting your local Red Cross office about hiring equipment.  They loan wheelchairs etc on a short term basis (up to three months), and they can probably just arrange for you to have what you need instantly (within their opening hours) if you phone up.  What they would like is a voluntary contribution in return.

Hope that helps.
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