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Author Topic: Quadricep Tendon Tear  (Read 846 times)

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Quadricep Tendon Tear
« on: November 17, 2010, 07:17:13 PM »
I tore my right quadricep tendon on Good Friday 2009. I had never known such pain in my life (ok I know I'm a chap but come on  !!).I slipped no more than 6" from the kerb edge.
I had run over the moors near my house that night and had stiff thigh muscles which I had stretched (not enough)after.My lass Alison thought I was having a heart attack, I thought I'd been shot !
I attended A&E at Burnley General who diagnosed the tear.Being on BUPA I had an MRS scan Gisburn Park where I was told by the consultant Mr Merrinissan (excellent man) who advised surgery but also said that regular physiotherapy along with complete rest (and a lot of patience) may also lead to a full recovery but warned that it would be 2 years to COMPLETE recovery if all went well.
Well I've always been active (I'm 58 now) playing football till 30 odd and then taking up Fell Running which I've done since.The thought of 2 years was daunting to say the least.But I thought of my brother who played semi pro football and had 2 knee ops during that time who now has need of new knees (he's 56)and blames the ops.So I opted to be patient !
I didn't run for one whole year but I did swim which has been an absolute revelation.I regularly swim 1 mile at my local pool, am now back running and have completed my first triathlon !
My knee still gives me gip and the scar tissue bubble just above my knee cap is with me forever.I suppose what I'm saying is DON'T have surgery.All Black rugby players have recovered from these injuries succesfully.Your body will heal patient do physio,rest and be determined.It worked for me.
When I first hurt myself I could not move my lower leg for 6 weeks,but I was determined to get that back and I have.