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Author Topic: Knee pain before deadlift sometimes  (Read 1394 times)

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Knee pain before deadlift sometimes
« on: November 13, 2010, 05:39:48 PM »
I was bending down ready to begin the barbell deadlift when I felt a very painful pain on the inside of my left knee (near the top), while close to the bottom position ready to pull up. Lifting up the weight made the pain worse. It is some sort of medial injury. I did a 20 rep body weight squat as warm up and felt no pain at that time.

However, the pain would quickly subside after a minute or two. I could continue deadlifting after shaking off the pain and waiting a couple of minutes, but each time it would come back when going to pick the weight up. I did 20 rep bodyweight squats afterwards and felt no pain.

The pain originated while doing barbell back squats some months ago, which is when I first experienced the pain at 80kg. I'd rest a week or so and warm up to 80kg but get the pain at 60kg, do the same again and the pain would come at 45kg, same again and then I got the pain just with the barbell alone so I decided to take a 6 week rest from squats. On my comeback with just the barbell, the pain returned so I quit back squats. Recently I have been doing trap bar squats and the last 3 sessions have been fine with 50kg for 5 reps, squatting down to parallel.

There has never been any swelling and I can press hard on the affected area feeling no pain whatsoever.

Today is a little sore occassionally.

Usually when I have this pain on the deadlift it's only the first warm up set, afterwards I never feel it again.

ANy idea what this could be and the best way to continue lifting?