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Author Topic: Natalie's Fulkerson / TTT With complications! (Open Patellafemoral Realignment)  (Read 6285 times)

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Hi Kat,
I am indeed feeling much better in myself, but it's mostly down to being able to do so much more these days.
I've been completely without crutches and evil leg brace for the past three(ish) weeks now which is fab and I've almost got a normal walk back!
I saw my operation-buddy a few weeks ago who is still on crutches, bless her, and was absolutely gobsmacked to see me strolling along without any help at all!
Anyway, it's less than to weeks until the trip to Paris for New Years and I'm completely confident that I will have a good time now that I can walk. I'm SO going to the top of the Eiffel Tower!
My next op is going to be April 2011, and I have reassured myself that I will be so much more prepared than I was this time around.
Anyways, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!
Wishing you all a magical festive season :)

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Hey Natalie,

I'm so pleased to hear you are doing so well in all respects. We all know how hard it is, both physically and mentally. Its so much harder when things don't progress as we'd expected, but it does sound like the worst of it is behind you now, congrats on the ditching of the sticks! (I am still waiting for that, so I can empathize with your friend..)

I figured you must have been feeling alot better if you are ready to do the other knee!
Sounds like you have a lovely trip planned, I'm really glad you are well enough to totally enjoy it. Make sure you report back on how you went, we'd all love to hear. All the very best for the holiday season.
Be sure to post your diary of the other leg in April wont you!  :)

Kat xx
12/9 - Substantial Subluxation of L patella due to a fall
12/9 - 2/10 - PT for injury
3/10 - PT rehab (non responsive)
5/10 - Referred to OS
6/10 - Diagnosed Maltracking & patella alta
9/10 - TTT with LR
10/10 - VMO atrophy & muscle imbalance
11/10 - Diagnosed with Femoral Nerve Inflammation

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Happy new year all!
Paris was fantastic and my knee behaved itself the whole time, even on the 8 hours coach trips.
All was going well, and then I walked to work, slipped on some frost, and then CRUNCH. I fell down with my leg at full flexion out to the side of me. Luckily, my friend who I always walk to work with was there, because I actually fell down in the road, couldn't get up, and with the oncoming traffic having trouble stopping suddenly on the slippery surface, nearly (by about two meters) became road-kill. Still, I was dragged to safety and have clearly lived to tell the tale.
A sprained MCL later, I went back on crutches (BOO!) but decided that I knew more about my body the the doctors and only used them for one day. If I had stayed on them I know that the muscles would have weakened again and set meback even further so I just sort of got on with it. It's still really stiff and sore, and this combined with the fact that I am now working 12 hours days in two jobs means I am TIIRRREEEDD.....
How is everyone else?

P.S I am SO not having the other op.