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Author Topic: I'm back  (Read 955 times)

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I'm back
« on: October 12, 2003, 05:36:38 PM »
Here I am, back from surgery on Tuesday. The surgery itself, so I am told, was uneventful. My meniscus cyst was left in there since it wasn't/isn't bothering me at all-I didn't even know it was there until the MRI. I have about 75% less bruising than I did last time, which could mean either the surgery wasn't as extensive as last time or that my platelet was higher than last time or maybe it was both of those! Unfortunately this time though, I must've had a reaction to the anesthesia because when I got out of the car when we got home from the surgery center, I promptly threw up on the lawn before I even got to the house and threw up several other times during the day. It was lovely (not)! Meanwhile, I've already graduated myself to a cane because my arms and armpits were getting sore from the crutches to the point where I couldn't stand them anymore! LOL! My knee is now where it feels like it needs to crack but doesn't, sort of gravelly is the only way I can sort of desribe it.  And it's  slightly stiff but will loosen up. YEsterday I took a couple of walks around the circle of my cul de sac which was nice. Wednesday I go back to get my stitches out and have one last visit scheduled for about 6 weeks after that as a release date. I am hoping I won't have any more orthopedic mishaps for a while since it seems like in the last 18 months, I've had some problem or other that necessitated a visit.
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