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Author Topic: dislocated patella recovery  (Read 1148 times)

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dislocated patella recovery
« on: October 31, 2010, 05:18:48 PM »
i dislocated my patella while dancing on oct. 9th. i went to the hospital the next day and got a brace and crutches, and they gave me some cream to put on the knee to reduce the swelling. this all happened in france while i was (and still am) traveling, backpacking, staying at hostels. because of this its really hard to keep off the knee and rest it properly, and its also pretty tough to find any sort of physical therapist who can speak with good english.

im pretty sure the dislocation was caused by over use, as i had previously been riding a bike all day with a seat that was too low, which gave me some knee pain. i didnt have an opportunity to give my knees the rest they deserved, and earlier in the day before the dislocation occurred, i had been walking around all day and my legs were pretty tired. also i have been riding a fixed gear bicycle for the past 4 years and about a year ago after a 50 mile bike ride i noticed a slight pain on the inside of my left knee, and this pain has recurred only after cycling for an extended amount of time, not something that i normally do. it did happen however about 3 days before the dislocation, while riding the above mentioned, ill-fitting bicycle.

in any case, i was told after seeing the doctor to just keep the brace on for 3 weeks. about a week ago i learned that i should be doing RICE principles, and i should have been doing that immediately after the accident occurred. unfortunately they didnt tell me this in english so i didn't know. for the past week i have been resting the knee as much as possible, and keeping it elevated and icing it. i also have an ace bandage and have been keeping it wrapped as tightly as is comfortable. the swelling has reduced from the initial accident but i'm worried that it will take a lot longer now to recover since i didnt ice it right away.

my question is: how long should i keep icing it? and do i still need to keep the leg elevated, or is the rice principle true for only the first couple of weeks following the injury? do i need to keep doing RICE until the swelling goes away completely, or should i start trying to do physical therapy and walking without the brace?i can't really bend my leg more than about 15 degrees without it starting to hurt. i am worried that if i keep resting it and don't do any physical therapy that this will develop into a chronic problem.

i attached a photo taken earlier today, the knee on the right side is the bad one and the one on the left is good.

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Re: dislocated patella recovery
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2010, 04:15:55 AM »
I am sorry to hear you dislocated your knee while in France!  I am not a dr., so i can only tell you about my experience when I dislocated.  Initially I was given crutches and a straight leg brace at the emergency room and was told to follow rice.    When I saw the orthopedic surgeon avfew days later he wanted me to start pt and get out of the straight leg brace as soon as possible.  I wore it about a week.  Pt focused on bending my knee and strenthening my leg.  They stressed how important it is to keep it bending.  I also used ice and elevation  to help the swelling and pain for quite a few weeks.  Hope you were able to enjoy the rest of your trip!     
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