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Author Topic: Newbie and not sure where to go?  (Read 857 times)

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Newbie and not sure where to go?
« on: October 24, 2010, 06:39:42 PM »
Hi all! I am new to this website, but have been on hip dysplasia and impingement support sites for a while now. However, while I'm getting my hips surgically fixed (last surgery next month, hopefully!) I also have miserable malalignment issues to deal with too. Excessive femoral anteversion, squinting patellas, external tibial torsion (asymetrical) and overpronation of the feet. I have a lot of leg pain that starts within the first hour of standing at work (I'm a surgical nurse) and it extends from the balls of my feet to my hips. The knees and shins are always hurting and the hips and ankles are intermittent. My current OS is hoping that the PAO (hip surgery) I'm having will take care of the majority of my symptoms, but I'm not entirely convinced. I'm willing to give it a shot and wait a while for the surgery to heal, but in the mean time, I'd love to hear from anyone (particularily Teitge patients) who have experience with MMS and what you did about it. The reason for my hip surgeries is because I have severe dysplasia (really shallow sockets) which made my hips really unstable and also CAM impingement (too much bone on the femoral head) which caused cartilage damage to my sockets. Any thoughts, advice or anything appreciated! Glad to have found this group:)