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Author Topic: Fulkerson 1 yr ago and now chronic Plantar Fasciitis  (Read 782 times)

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Fulkerson 1 yr ago and now chronic Plantar Fasciitis
« on: October 24, 2010, 09:44:54 AM »
Hi, new poster but long time reader of this top forum...

One year ago I had a Fulkerson Realignment on my right knee, this was after a failed arthroscopy had made my knee much worse. The Op was to try and fix a nagging problem with sharp pain in my knee that physio etc had failed to fix. MRI showed that knee had a defect at the top on the outside edge, worn to the bone on a small area.

Up until the injury I was a keen sportsman, football was my life, surfing, cycling and skiing also playing a major part. Unfortunately, this last 18 months has been a complete write off! About 6 weeks into rehab for the Fulkerson I developed a pain in my heel (Plantar Fasciitis), within a month this was ruling my life. It pretty much put a stop to proper rehab on my knee, and for the last 11 months has not got better even 1%. I have tried everything, stretching, night splints, rest, exercise, injection, Shockwave therapy and nothing made the slightest difference. Anti-inflamatories take the edge off and have been taking them for a year on and off.

3 months ago was just getting back into cycling and fell off my bike and rebroke the bone moved in the Fulkersons (oops, first one my surgeon has seen do this). The knee for some reason entered some chronic inflamation cycle, just would not go down at all. I had a second Arthroscopy 6 weeks ago to try and sort this, some debridement and a clean out, and it seems to have responded well! Back on the bike for 20 minutes a day and knee staying down!

So I was really hoping that someone may have had a similar experience to me and may be able to offer some advice. I am wondering:
1) What sort of activity can I expect to get back to after the Fulkersons? (Football, Skiing?)
2) Did anyone else experience Plantar Faciitis afte this op? It seems that it maybe a regular occurence after a gate changing op like this?

Thanks in advance for any answers, discussion, help, rants etc!