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Author Topic: Diary of ACLr allograft (hamstring) + ??  (Read 974 times)

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Diary of ACLr allograft (hamstring) + ??
« on: October 23, 2010, 10:08:30 PM »
Hello all -

I decided to add my two cents to the site since reading about everyone else's journey has been so incredibly helpful... Hope my story can do the same for someone! Posts that were detailed were awesome as there are very useful tidbits. Oh, and I was referred here by feeney a couple years ago.

Long and short of it - I'm 34, first injury to the right knee playing highschool sports. Never really addressed the issues, injured again rollerblading, and finally had a meniscus repair as I couldn't dedicate rehab time for an ACL repair. Fast forward 9 years and FINALLY the timing is right. I have been living a very cautious life and am extremely excited to be a "joiner" by this time next year!

Couple things I'm nervous about - not in the best shape, and pain management. The meniscus repair was surprisingly difficult, but I didn't have a very good support system. So here I am eons later, a bit heavier (150 lb on 5'5") and worried that being out of shape is going to slow things down. I am also the single mother of a 16y/o - he will be a huge help. And pain... I've read so many stories here of quick recovery and minimal pain to the opposite. Obviously afraid of the unknown, and I really want to be driving again soon!

Some things I've done to prepare:

Cook - I've been stowing away things in the freezer like quiche, lasagna, bean casserole, pheasant casserole, hamburger hash, marinated chicken thighs - anything that will heat up great when popped in the oven. Son likes to cook.  :) Put together easy snacks in a basket for bedroom. Cup-O-Noodles for days immediately post surgery as narcs will not sit well. Couple of frozen meals stashed in the freezer at work for when I come back.

Order/Buy supplies - I loved my aircast cryocuff last time. As others have mentioned they can be found online. Have crutches, and got a brand new shower chair for 1/6 the cost on craigslist. Extra ace bandage, tylenol PM, Ice packs, breakfast tray for the bed, power strip for bedroom to add cell charger, puter charger, CPM, TV, etc. Found a bag to transport goodies around the house. Footstools for work and home. Decided against a recumbant as we belong to gym, and both of us will need regular outings.

Organize clothes - get baggy pants in order, easy to remove tops, skirts, slippers with soles a size or two bigger. Layers - zipper hoodie, etc. Making sure all the winter clothes are out and others stowed. Got extra socks and unders for the kiddo - know he's not going to stay up on laundry! lol!

House Maintenance - not able to do much for a few months, so touching up paint, organizing closets and cupboards, washing all the bed linnens, curtains, clean gutters, mulch and weed, clean garage, storm windows up, dig out x-mas decorations and wrapping paper to stash on main floor, hand scrubbing floors. Basically do not want to come home from op to chaos and feel guilty or annoyed about state of things later.

School - met with the teachers as I do not want to be hoofing it all over that giant highschool.

Dogs - bathed, got shots up to date, extra bag of food and treats.

Car - oil change, good cleaning at detail place.

Work - luckily can work at home for a while. Been making plans/projects that are suitable for home.

Ok, so maybe I'm a little neurotic, but this just gives me peace of mind! Assuming I will be weight bearing assisted with crutches, but never know.

Surgery is Oct 28th - till then!

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Re: Diary of ACLr allograft (hamstring) + ??
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2010, 10:18:17 PM »
Good luck. Sounds like you have done a ton to prepare, which I'm sure will help. There always will be curve balls thrown at us throughtout this process, and keeping your determination and optimism will help. I had an aclr allograft 9 weeks ago and so far so freaking good ( with a few ups and downs along the way), so I'm confident about the procedure.

Keep us posted.

April 4 2010 skiing accident :
R. Knee ACL rupture, grade 3 MCL tear, tibial plateau fracture, separated meniscus, meniscus tear.
L. Knee PCL rupture, grade 3 MCL tear, meniscus tear
Aug 18 2010 R. Knee ACL reconstruction with allograft.
Oct 15 2010 L. Knee PCL & MCL reconstruction with allograft.

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Re: Diary of ACLr allograft (hamstring) + ??
« Reply #2 on: November 03, 2010, 01:00:42 PM »
Good luck :) Glad you made it on all counts and are sharing your journeys with the community!

Sep-05 ACL rupture, Medial mensical tear, MCL rupture
Oct-05 Had it all repaired (hamstring graft, meniscal rivet)
-and then-
4.5 Months post-op Snowboarding like a demon
7 Months post-op Successful return to indoor soccer (YEH!)
-and then-
Mar-2015 Arthroscopy to fix meniscus