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Author Topic: TTT - January 2011  (Read 645 times)

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TTT - January 2011
« on: October 20, 2010, 12:42:02 PM »
Hello all

Ive recently posted my story on another thread.

Well I made the decision to go see another OS - He is the best in our country ( South Africa ) and does all our Springbok Rugby players.

He had a fairly quick look at me and took some X - rays etc. he said is very simple - I have loose ligaments all over my body and that he's going to do a TTT

i asked him out and as he explains it does not sound like such a big thing at all - He said it takes about 30 minutes to do and he said after 10 days ill be able to leave the crutches.

1 night required in hospital .... He really made it sound like not such a big thing and he said he is not cutting bone or anything .. just going to move the tendon about 1 cm inwards .. also on the medial side he will make things tighter as he describes because i already had a Lataral Release ... also he said he uses 1 skrew

Well im relieved it doesnt sound that big much of a deal after ive read some hectic stories of TTT's ...

1 Question though - this screw he talks about .. does it have to come out after the op at a stage ? does the tendon ever grow back onto the tibia in its new place ??