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Author Topic: Patella maltracking? Plica?Help find a patellofemoral specialist in DC/MD area!  (Read 1061 times)

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I have suffered knee pain for almost two years. I believe that my knee cap was dislocated during the step aerobics class. I had a sharp pain from my knee while hopping on the stepper. This happened another time when I was walking. After that I have constant pain from the lateral side, below the knee cap. My doctor’s initially diagnose was patellofemoral syndrome. The MRI report stated that I had meniscus tear and ligament damage, which led to the arthroscopy surgery in February this year. However, when I woke up from the general anesthesia, I was told by my OS that my knee condition looks good and the problem he found is the plica. He believes it is the cause of my knee pain and it was removed during the surgery. When I received the surgical report, I was shocked and confused. The removed plica is located on the medial side – not where I have pain from! How it is related to the lateral knee pain? My OS explanation is that the plica causes the dysfunction of knee muscles, which could cause pain somewhere else in the knee.

Well, it has been six months post-op. my knee pain is getting worse. During the recent office visits, my OS switched his diagnose to patella maltracking. He sent me to the physical therapy again and offered to give me another cortisone shot.

After reading a couple posting on this site, I think that I need to find a patellofemoral specialist. I live in Washington DC area. I can travel to Virginia or Maryland to see doctors.

Does anyone know an orthopedic doctor who is good at treating patella related problem in the area? Any advice? Thank you so much for the help!