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Author Topic: Injury, 5 mos. ago, partial PCL tear, OCD, surgery or not?  (Read 870 times)

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Injury, 5 mos. ago, partial PCL tear, OCD, surgery or not?
« on: September 29, 2010, 05:54:49 PM »
Hi all,
I had a "dashboard" type injury to my knee (on a wet sidewalk in Paris), in early May.  I was walking out a doorway and turning to go down the sidewalk, when slipped on an unseen sheet of wet cardboard, set out as a footwipe, and fell very hard directly on my patella, as a was turning my body to the left.

I had immediate effusion, and lack of range, but was able to walk OK the next day.  I returned to the USA 3 days later, and began preparations for a planned week long strenuous day-hiking trip on the Appalachian Trail.  In my "warmup hikes" I found I needed to take a full dose of NSAID's and I was OK.  I did the same during the week at the end of May.  But by the end of the week, with lots of rock and log clambering, the pain worked through the meds and the effusion had gotten worse.

I finally saw an Otho in June, who prescribed 6 weeks of PT, which really had no effect.  This was followed by a return visit in late July where substantial fluid was drained out of the joint and cortisone injected.  The cortisone reduced the pain to almost nothing by the next day.  I had 3 weeks of no symptoms, then pain started to return especially as I returned to my normal exercise routine.  45-60 mins on the treadmill with slope 5 days a week...less on 2 days a week.

My ortho anticipated that pain might return and suggested I could either get more cortisone, which he said he could give every 3 months, or a "clean-up" surgery which would remove any loose or damaged bits of bone or cartilage.

To wrap up, of late as the pain was increasing there would also be a lot of popping noises from the joint which I had never had before, and...

this morning after all day low-level pain I got up from bed with a "locked" feeling in my knee making it truly difficult to walk.  I managed about 10 feet, then felt a palpable clunk, or internal movement in my knee, and my knee was suddenly better than it had been in several weeks.  This happened once before, but not as dramatically.

I would like the "Board's" opinion as to whether this is a good or bad sign, and opinions on whether I should, 1) do nothing 2) get another shot 3) have the clean-up surgery.  Thanks.