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Author Topic: Waiting for a half knee replacement  (Read 803 times)

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Waiting for a half knee replacement
« on: September 29, 2010, 03:04:36 PM »
Hi, I used to play cricket as a fast bowler.  So have already had 3 Arthroscopies and this year added 2 more to my total.  These cleaned up some meniscus tears and bone spurs but unfortunately revealed that half of the cartiledge on my left knee is useless.  I had this surgery 2 months ago (private in Poland) and had been waiting for my next specialist appointment on the NHS, because I never understood the private system in the UK.  Was only expecting to need a crutch for 4 weeks, but still heavily dependent on one crutch if I walk more than 200 steps or carry something heavy like a laptop.  I am only in my mid 40s.

So a couple of problems.  Had my specialist appointment last week but was told they didn't have the skills for my surgery, so would be referred to another specialist at another Hospital (Barts London).  Nothing about how long the referral would take or when I might finally get surgery.  So can't even decide whether to go and get it done in somewhere like India, just don't have the information.  And not very pleased at the idea of spending so much money when I pay so much into the NHS.

Secondly I don't know how much I can exercise and badly need to reverse my weight gains.  I know the knee is in pain because the cartiledge is too weak to keep the joint seperated.  But I don't know whether this damages the bone or will lead to other problems later on.  I was exercising 5 times a week before this kicked off, so badly want to do some exercise.  Could take pain killers each time, but dubious about this approach.

Would love to hear from some other people who have been through this process.