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Author Topic: nondisplaced pattela fracture  (Read 1041 times)

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nondisplaced pattela fracture
« on: September 29, 2010, 06:35:39 AM »
Hey everyone i recently was diagnosed with a non displaced transverse patella fracture on September 15th. I went to an urgent care two days following the accident. X-rays were taken, reviewed, and they said i had no fractures and they gave me some pain medicine and steroid to help with what they thought was a minor knee injury. My knee was killing me still and i had pretty limited mobility, but was not put in any type of immobilizer. 12 days following my doctor's appointment i received a call that a radiologist looked over my x-ray for a second opinion and diagnosed that it was indeed a non-displaced transverse patella fracture. During those twelve days i was bearing weight on my knee. Its been hard finding a orthopedist that is covered by the very limited insurance plan I'm currently own now, and I'm very worried about my follow x-ray and what has happened to my knee sense. The doctors at the urgent care were really surprised and worried that i was walking on my knee for 12 days but they said at first nothing was fractured. I really hope I don't have to go through surgery again, seeing as i shattered my right arm in June and haven't fully recovered from that either. I was put in a knee immobilizer after i was called to the urgent care for a second appointment. I recently just moved to Las Vegas, Nevada and I'm  19 and i have desperately been trying to find a job but both my arm and my knee have been a big hindrance. I'm extremely depressed and have barely left my house except for community college. I'm trying to have a positive attitude but everything in my life feels like it's turning upside down. Anyways I'm glad to see there is a forum online dedicated to knee injuries so i could get some insight.

p.s i shattered my arm and fractured my patella both due to Skateboarding although i was wearing a helmet and knee pads when both injuries occurred.

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Re: nondisplaced pattela fracture
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2010, 11:43:02 AM »
Howdy Mario,
Sorry to hear about your injury.
Three things can be bad for a undisplaced patella fracture:
1) Bending your knee a large amount. You probably haven't done this as it would have been way too painful.
2) Very strong contraction of the quads. This pulls on the fracture site and can displace the fracture. Also painful early on.
3) A combination of both of these at the same time.
Falling over does these things. Generally walking around doesn't. Your body would have worked out what hurt pretty quickly and avoided these things.
As you mentioned, best practice is a knee immobilizer to stop you from bending the knee and avoiding strong muscle contractions for a few weeks.
An undisplaced patella fracture would be much more forgiving after you walking on it than other fractures of the leg. You can do serious harm walking on a fracture of the tibia or femur but there is a good chance you will get away with this.
You are in a knee immobilizer now and a check x-ray will either show it has displaced or it hasn't. If it hasn't - no harm done. If it has it will generally need to be fixed.
It is not unusual for undisplaced fractures to be missed as there is very little to see on x-ray.
Fingers crossed for your check x-ray.

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