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Author Topic: Need help with MRI report... please tell me in english what it means.  (Read 1110 times)

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IMPRESSION: Myxoid degeneration of the posterior horn of medial meniscius w/out meniscal tear?

Little back ground why i had the report. I'am a 32 year old female. I was walking around in a store, and then felt sharp pain on the inside-side of my left knee. i never really had any problems with it before, maybe some aches going down the stairs. but now it has become unstable, the pain is still there (week later), it locks, and now im walking funny (like bo-legged). But that is what the Radiologist said on the MRI.
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Re: Need help with MRI report... please tell me in english what it means.
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I think it means the cartilage around the meniscus is fraying, and that is why you are having symptoms. I would be curious to know what your doctor says about it. He may just watch it for a while and see if your symptoms go away   Kim
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