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Author Topic: 2 years ruptured left patella- not fixed yet- options????? Please help!!!!!  (Read 1852 times)

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A little history- I'm now 40 years old, Healthcare consultant (use to work in the lab) was active, two boys 11 & 9 yrs old, and a great wife age 39. Back in April 2008 I was playing the Wednesday basketball league when I went for my " Michael Jordan" move and next thing I knew I'm on the floor and my kneecap is not where its supposed to be. Great pain at the time. Went to ER- MRI- diagnosed ruptured patella tendon. Was scheduled for surgery the next two weeks ( ortho surgeon- Mark Bowen- Chicago Bears surgeon) but I chicken out!! I know I know bad move... My concern is the anethesia - when I was a very young boy I had a bad "traumatic" experience with the anethesia- I don't like that dizzy feeling. :-[ Please help what to do next- I have no pain in that leg I where an ACE brace and I walk- but stairs is like a chore- I feel like I went from 40-80 years old. Any suggestions - Please help!!!

Thanks and God Bless

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Re: 2 years ruptured left patella- not fixed yet- options????? Please help!!!!!
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2010, 03:48:03 AM »

I can tell you that you didnt rupture your patella tendon because you wouldnt be able to bend your knee in the slightest. It would be physically impossible. What you mostly likely did is tear it. Since a significant amount of time has past, I would go to your OP right away so avoid permanent and long term issues with your knee as you age.

Surgery isnt so bad. I too was terrified of going under for the first time but unless you have someone is your family who has had an adverse reaction to going under, you have nothing to worry about.

Best of luck and go get that knee checked out right away...for your sons sake. He needs you with a good knee for years to come!

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Hello Bling
So what ever happened to the operation what went on and how are you doing ?