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Author Topic: Strange Knee Problem!! Any idea anybody (please)?  (Read 917 times)

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Strange Knee Problem!! Any idea anybody (please)?
« on: September 13, 2010, 07:26:08 PM »

Back in January I was doing body pump at the gym  and ended up slightly losing my balance (whilst in a squat position lifting heavy weights), felt okay after this and played badminton in the evening.  However, whilst moving around court I felt something wasn't right, especially in my right knee, so I stopped.  The next day on the inside of both my knees, there was a rectangular bruised lump with the upper edge of the lump underlining the bottom inner edge of my kneecaps. It was warm to the touch - I did the RICE method and anti-inflammatories and nothing improved. 

Doctor kept advising me it was a soft tissue injury and would heal within 8-12 wks - this never happened.  I was referred to a physio, who carried out pulsed ultrasound, massaging, acupuncture, strengthening exercises etc etc, still nothing worked, apart from a pair of orthotics to wear in my trainers helps a little.  The lumps keep decreasing and increasing in size though, they increase and become warm when i don't wear my orthotics?!  The doctor said I could swim and do light cycling whilst waiting for an appointment with an Orthopaedic consultant, swimming breaststroke hurts and cycling and walking hurts after about 15 mins.

After 8 months I was referred to an Orthopaedic Consultant, had x-rays they came back fine, I now have an MRI scan on Thursday - I was a bit worried though that the consultant looked really confused with what it could be, the medial side of my knee is tender to touch, he said the lumps look like pieces of fat??  When he made me squat down I could only go so far without experiencing an excruciating tearing/burning like sensation horizontally over the centre of my knees and also medially as well.  I can kneel with my hips up, but  as soon as I go to sit back on my haunches, same pain, I also couldn't do a quad stretch as when I am nearly at full stretch same pain again.............the consultant also said he wasn't confident anything would show up on MRI and I may need arthroscopy on the worst knee.

I am concerned as I can't exercise and haven't done hardly anything for 9 mths - I suffer with low mood and eat for comfort, even though I am on anti-depressants- I have put on a stone in weight in this time and feel awful.  I also can't do upper body weights as have strained my right arm.  If I did have arthroscopy, I still wouldn't be able to exercise as I am under the impression they would only try and fix the worst knee, yet both are bad, with the right one being slightly worse!!  I feel like I am never going to get better and not sure whether I should go see my own doctor about my weight - I am the sort of person who can only stick to a diet/healthy eating plan if I can exercise for good toned results.  I am overweight now.

Does anybody know what may be wrong with me or do you think it worth me going back to my doctor with the weight issue?   

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Re: Strange Knee Problem!! Any idea anybody (please)?
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2010, 08:51:56 PM »
Look up Meniscus tears. I am not a Dr. or expert but your symtoms sound like what I have read about meniscal tears. Sometimes PT will help these but most require surgery to fix. Losing weight is always a good idea if it is a issue. I was told that 1 lb. of weight equals 10 lbs. of pressure on your knees. You seem like a active person, with a little diet adjustment and adhering to your exercises for your knee and maybe add some stomach scrunches in there and you should lose your weight. I have found it much easier to diet if I allow one day a week to cheat. I cheat on Fridays, this means eat healthy all week and come Friday I splurge on dinner by going out or making something really good. Meniscus tears usually will show up on a mri. You proably need to wait for your mri results and see how it goes from there. Hope all gets better for you!
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