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Author Topic: Another ACL story...  (Read 910 times)

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Another ACL story...
« on: September 12, 2010, 06:38:53 AM »
I was playing tennis one saturday morning and I turned around to get a ball. The next thing I know I was stumbling down on the ground in pain. I heard 2 loud pops but I'm not really sure if it was my tennis racket hitting the ground. I was in pain. My knee felt like it got dislocated and my I also twisted my ankle but the knee pain was much much worse. I couldn't extend my leg. My right knee was curled all the time. It felt like it was catching on a meniscus but I was more worried about a torn acl. I had a feeling that it was. I went to the doctor and all she did was scheduled me to see an ortho. I waited for 2 weeks to get an appointment so basically I was in pain for two weeks. My knee had swelling and severe pain. Still couldn't extend it. I went and saw the ortho doc and he did the Lachman, pivot shift test, and something else. He said it seem ok but I was tense so it was possible that it wasn't a complete test. I had the MRI done and a few days later came back to hear the news that I didn't tear my acl but my meniscus.

I am currently walking great although my right knee clicks because of the torn meniscus. Also, sometimes I feel I have a jumper's knee. I've been exercising my right knee giving it strength. I noticed this morning though when I was in a weird position in bed, that my tibia was moving from my knee. Kind of like a positive pivot shift test result. I am not comfortable with my knee and feel weird that it might give out on me but so far it's been stable. I feel at times that my quads are getting weak but I keep working them out doing squats, leg curls using ankle weights while sitting down, and using strength bands. So far it's been good but I'm not really sure what's going on with my knee.

Is it possible that I was misdiagnosed? Could it be my meniscus is causing the positive shift test feeling I get when I was laying down on my bed? I'm gonna call my doctor on monday to talk about this but I hope somebody had similar events in the past or present. I am really hoping that it's not my acl.
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Re: Another ACL story...
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2010, 12:53:30 AM »
It's possible you were misdiagnosed - MRIs are not infallible - but what you're describing also sounds pretty typical of a torn meniscus. I know of at least one other Knee Geek member who thought he was getting tibial translation typical of an ACL tear, but turned out to have a completely intact ACL and a torn meniscus (in his case they didn't find this out until they were inside his knee for the ACL reconstruction!)

At the very least I'd say you need to get the tests redone when you're in a more relaxed state, though I know this is really difficult when a) you're in pain and b) you're nervous about the results.

Is your OS planning to repair the meniscus? If so they'll be going into your knee anyway, so you'll find out for sure if the ACL is torn at that point. In the meantime, it sounds like you're doing everything right regardless of what's going on - whether your ACL is torn or not, building up quad strength and other muscles around the knee is definitely the best thing you can do.
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