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Author Topic: My name is Lars and I'm an ACLoholic in rehab  (Read 822 times)

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My name is Lars and I'm an ACLoholic in rehab
« on: September 09, 2010, 12:23:55 PM »
Hello guys!

I am now getting close to 4 months post op and starting to see some tiny spark of light in the end of the long and depressing (more than expected actually) tunnel! The problem I have is a sharp pain in the back of the knee cap which sort of ruins my rehab. Will come back to this.

I am a surfer, mountain climber, long boarder (asfalt), snowboarder and I work in an action sports mag in Norway. I was operated on in may after tearing my acl in feb while skiing (!) in the forest. I guess since I am fairly new to offpiste skiing, I haven't skied since I was a kid pretty much, I may simply not have had the stamina yet to ski in the area I was skiing in (steep powder mixed with hard snow in offpiste in the woods). The plan was to start freeride skiing this year since the mountains are more accessible on skis rather than the snowboard. Anyway, my legs were tired after a couple of hours, I dropped off a small ledge and I guess I overextended my knee backwards and SNAP! That was when 2010 pretty much turned into a still going disaster...

So I have been at it now with the physio exercising since my operation on the 18th of May, about 4-5 times a week but my right thigh looks like a child's pretty much. The problem I have now is that when I am putting weight on it and bending downwards there is a sharp pain in the back of the knee cap which stops me from doing those kinds of exercises. These include one-leg squats, and stepping down from a box or similar. I have understood that these exercises are very important and should be repeated 3x15 times preferably. I can do maybe 5 at the most before I have to stop. Does anyone else struggle with this? It feels like something is trying to push my knee cap out from behind or something. The pain makes me feel like the knee will buckle under me and is sort of behind the knee cap but towards the inner part of the knee.

And another thing - does anyone else surf? I really really really really miss that the most of all my activities. If so, when was it possible for you to re-enter the water? I hope I will be able to catch the autumn swells rolling in now from sept and towards the winter. Hopefully I will be able to snowboard in the winter as well (I'm selling the stupid skis >:() Anyone have a clue what the chances of this happening is? Don't want to sound dramatic, but I am seriously loosing it...

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My name is Lars and I am a ACLoholic in rehab ;)