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Author Topic: Finally Walking After 14 months On Crutches  (Read 2912 times)

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Finally Walking After 14 months On Crutches
« on: September 02, 2010, 12:25:44 AM »
Hey Y'all,

I haven't posted for quite some time, mostly because I was afraid of jinxing myself.  It has been a arduous 16 months, both mentally and physically.  I can't even bring myself to recall the complications, since the struggle has lasted so long, and far exceeded anything I could have imagined.

The good news is that after a year and 2 months I AM WALKING WITHOUT CRUTCHES!  I am only able to do this because of my brilliant PT, Karen, and her extensive knowledge of Kinesio taping procedures.  The surgery was a failure, and the tape is pulling my knee cap up, away from the quarter-sized lesion on the lateral side.  I also tape medially, for the same reason, although this is less helpful.  Since the arthroscopic surgery in February of this year revealed smaller medial lesions and a divot out of the corner of my knee cap, it might even irritate it a little.  Additionally, I tape behind the fibula, beneath the patella, behind my leg, at an angle, with 75% tension.  This rotates my tibia inwardly more, which helps with the medial pain.

At my lowest point, I thought I would never walk again.  Actually, I feared this often.  The pain from the hardware and/or the lesion was so severe, that I would spend hours on the couch crying.  How could I go from someone who was completely independent, worked out 6 days a week, never sat down except to eat or drive, to a person who crutched everywhere, answered rude questions about the freak show that was my knee, did my PT every day religiously and wondered how could I have made this decision?

It has taken every ounce of grit and determination to make it this far, which is a level 4 pain on most days. I can only wear one pair of shoes or go barefoot.  I don't know what I will do when it gets cold.  I have definitely learned to take it one step at a time.

I am certain that my surgeon is not responsible for any of this, and has promised that we will figure this out together.  I have my hardware removed November 4th, and I think this will improve the pain greatly.  I plan to ask if he thinks my tibia will remain derotated, even though my femur is anteverted 40 degrees.  I also want to ask if he feels that I am aligned properly enough to consider a partial knee replacement such as the ConforMIS.

I apologize for the darkness of this entry, but I believe that people need to know that, despite your best efforts, you don't always improve after surgery.  My goal at this point, is to get back to the pre-operative pain and activity levels.  I would be happy with that.  I don't expect to ever be pain free, which for a healthy, active 51 year old woman is hard to accept.  I will not be able to return to work.

Thank you so very much for those of you who encouraged me, and promised it would get better.  Formerly Active is an angel; and I would have been lost without her faithfulness and insight.  I am extremely appreciative for all my twisted sisters who told me to hang in there.

I will check in after the hardware removal, and hope that I don't have to use the crutches for too long.  My friends are telling me to have a "burn the crutches" party, but I don't feel that way about them.  They sustained me, and were my legs for 14 months.  One is in the car,"just in case," and I can't tell you where the other one is.  I think that perhaps that is a good sign.

Best Wishes,
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Re: Finally Walking After 14 months On Crutches
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2010, 01:19:33 AM »
WHOOHOOOO way to go!  I'm so happy for you
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Re: Finally Walking After 14 months On Crutches
« Reply #2 on: September 02, 2010, 02:04:37 AM »
YEA!!! I know who tough things were for you.  So glad you are seeing improvement!
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