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Author Topic: Currently on the waiting list for a MPFL and TTT - Advice needed please  (Read 990 times)

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My name is Claire.  I am 31 and currently a busy mum to 3 lovely girls aged 6 and twins who are 3.  I have a long history of both Knees dislocating which is getting beyond a joke now.  I have been having intensive PT, which unfortunately doesn't seem to be helping me.  I have had a MRI and it has been agreed with the consultant that the only way forward is to put me on the waiting list to have a MPFL and TTT on my left knee to be repeated on my right.  I was just wandering how possible this option is going to be with 3 young children, as my husband has only really got 2 weeks leave that could be granted.  Is anyone in or had a similar experience?? Any advice welcome as you could say I am a little nervous :-[

Many Thanks

Claire  ;D

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Re: Currently on the waiting list for a MPFL and TTT - Advice needed please
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2010, 03:51:27 AM »
Hello Claire!

I'm not a Mom with 3 kids, but I can share my experience with you, as I had this surgery about 4 months ago.

First off, I am 21 and this was my first knee surgery (MPFL and Fulkerson TTT).  The first week was pretty brutal, and I did next to nothing, other than lay in bed or in my chair with my leg elevated.  However, I moved back to my dorm at 4 days post op and was on my own for taking care of myself, bathing, bathroom, getting up and about, etc.  I did have friends bring me food from the cafeteria though-a lifesaver as I couldn't stand long enough to microwave mac 'n cheese (college life...what can I say?)

At 2 weeks post op the semester ended and I moved back home.  During the day I was alone with 2 dogs (who stayed in their kennels 1/2 the day, since I couldn't take them outside).  My parents were there to help in the morning and evening, but I was alone the majority of the day.

That said, I was on crutches for 5 weeks, non-weight bearing.  The pain was tolerable after the 1st week, but I was on narcotics meds for a few weeks.  I know some people have done this surgery with little or no help, or with just kids around to help.  It would be difficult, but if your husband has 2 weeks leave, it would likely be do-able.  The first week or 2 was very hard, but it got quite better after that.  I was much more mobile and in much less pain at 2 weeks.  Of course, I didn't have to be responsible for anyone but myself...and 2 cute dogs.  Look around in the post-op diary section to see how others have recovered.  My diary is there as well.

You want to make sure you know how long you'll be on crutches and what your OS envisions your recovery to be.  The protocols for this surgery vary incredibly, so your case may be VERY different from mine.  For example- some people are allowed to weight bear as tolerated directly after surgery.  I had to wait 5 weeks. 

Good luck!

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