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Author Topic: Allergic to nickel and cement in knee and have bacterial infection (norcadia)  (Read 944 times)

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My wife had a revision in Nov. 2009, did well until Jan 2010....found out she had infection in Feb 2010 but nothing on the culture growed.....opened knee back up and flushed out and replaced disc.  Brought her home and was giving her antibiotics and lovenox shots twice a day.  She developed a hematoma in her knee and had to have surgery again to remove the hematoma and it was flushed out again.  Brought her back home and finished her antibiotics but the infection came back.  Took her knee out in May 2010 and replaced it with a antibotic spacer and a titanium rod in the upper and a nickel in the lower with stainless screws and a stabilizer to hold her leg.  Brought home again and started another 4 weeks of antibotics but the infection came back.  Took her to surgery again July 2010 and removed the nickel rod.  She came home again and started antibotics again.  The incission never healed so she had to go back to the hospital and have surgery again, this time they took the spacer and rods and screws out.  She had a drain tiube in for infection and the surgeon came in to take it out and it would not come out so she had to go back to surgery and have it removed. The week before she had everything removed she had allery tests and she is allergic to nickel and the cement they use.  During all this time they could never get anything to grow on the culture......but finally they sent it her culture in for advanced test and it did grow and the infection she has is norcadia.   Challenge is to find a knee and cement after her iv's.