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Author Topic: microfracture PT gone wrong  (Read 748 times)

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microfracture PT gone wrong
« on: August 26, 2010, 05:34:47 AM »
I had left knee ACL repair, meniscus damage, and microfracture procedure done while I was in the Air Force at the age of 30 in 2004.
Being naive I did not do any research on the procedures and entrusted my health to the Drs.
I was instructed to bear weight as soon as possible to begin the strengthening process. Within a 10 days I stopped using crutches and was walking and doing PT for 3 months, in pain.
I separated from the Air Force 3 months after surgery and still having pain..Long story short I've had a scope that cleaned up the meniscus again and the OATS procedure on the microfracture area by a popular local university sports medicine office in 2006 with PT. OATS successful? I'm not so sure 4 yrs later, I haven't done any ortho follow up since..figure it's chronic issue now given the history.
Obviously I now know that I should not have weight bearing after the microfracture...
I'm still having sporadic acute pain located near the microfracture area. Some days I do very well with walking..others horrible. I can't jog or run.
Question for the kneeguru's in their opinion
What am I looking at with the effects of the PT gone wrong with the microfracture?
(I feel like I am not being taken seriously at the local Veterans Hospital Ortho surgeon who is obligated to take care of my knee since this occurred originally while on duty)
I appreciate any insight...