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Author Topic: mbt shoes???  (Read 696 times)

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mbt shoes???
« on: August 25, 2010, 04:28:56 PM »
Hiya, I've just found this forum whilst looking for some advice online and I just wondered if anyone on here can help me?

I had knee pain for about 7 years and after countless examinations and x-rays was finally given an arthroscopy in 2006, where they found my cartilage quite badly frayed and so they trimmed it all the way round, recovery was quite slow but I was advised not to run etc or it may tear/fray some more...well, I haven't done anything extreme but if I walk too far or do too much bending my knee aches and aches and especially at night, keeping me awake.

I have been given diclofenac which gives me stomach pains, I also have codeine which space me out,and would prefer not to take medication at all. They don't want to me to have further surgery as the doctor believes it is just due to impact as I go about my daily life...I am 39, work part-time and have 3 kids, so I am fairly active,  I have read about these MBT shoes that are supposed to reduce pressure on the knees and wondered if I used a more cushioned shoe such as these if my knee pain would reduce. If anyone has any suggestions about this I will be so happy to hear them and really appreciate your response. Thanks x