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Author Topic: Swelling from tibial plataeu -reduce foot swelling by wearing tight shoe ???  (Read 1007 times)

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well, my foots been swelling so bad, and it seems like the whole top of the foot hurts BAD! im not sure why the top of the foot would hurt from swelling (seems like the bones hurt?? ??.. maybe someone can tell me that one.
also, ive been wearing a tight adidas shoe laced up tightly to keep the swelling down, i actually like this alot, it puts most of the swelling into the ankle and my foot doesnt hurt quite as bad, or feel weird or numb, although it seems like when it does hurt (even before i wore the shoe) the bones were what hurt. weird!!!... but, it does feel alot better all togather when wearing the shoe! its like its keeping the fluid out i love it ! it looks more normal too! and when ive woken up in the morning the past days, it doesnt seem to regaint the swelling. i sit in a wheel chair the whole day with my leg down, wearing this shoe, and my foot is normal at the end of the day. is this a good idea ?... someone give me some advice here, and let me know also what they do to keep swelling down. im thinking of getting a tall boot to keep swelling out of the ankle too :)

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Ask your OS about compression socks (aka teds)
the best way to reduce swelling is to elevate your leg above your heart
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