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Author Topic: Multiple Knee Injuries -- Question?  (Read 1187 times)

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Multiple Knee Injuries -- Question?
« on: August 15, 2010, 05:25:22 PM »
Hi everyone!  Back in march I slipped on some ice and did a doozy on my knee.  I dislocated and fractured the patella (no surgery required), and had some pretty bad effusion.  My Dr. wanted to send me out for an MRI (I live in an "isolated" location), so I sat around in an immobilizer for 3 months waiting for that (because my Dr. told me not to use the knee).  Once I finally go the MRI, the week before the dr. told me I should be bending my knee, etc. so I've been doing what I can (which isn't much) by bending it, doing Isometric quadriceps contractions, and a few straight leg raises with the brace on (usually 2-3 at a time, that's all I can handle pain-wise).  This has been going on since end of June (I didn't do so great for 2 weeks in July because of MRI results).  We got the MRI results, which showed a severe tear of the ACL, slightly less severe tear of the PCL, tendinitis, and bursitis (to go along with the now-healed fracture and dislocation).  Then I had to wait for an OS to come here on his 3-month schedule and examine me. 

I got stuck with an old fart who I've heard nothing but bad things about -- doesn't examine, doesn't listen to HPI, and is just stupid, in general (the last one is my own opinion lol).  So I go see him, he checks my knee as best he can (he checked the ligaments that hold the kneecap in place, and said they've healed up fine, but couldn't check the other ones because I don't have enough bend in my knee) so he's recommended me for physio and to see an OS next time they come up (3-4 months down the road -- and I won't be seeing him).  He also recommended that I not use any brace, except when I'm sleeping.

My question is this: if I can barely do a leg raise with the brace on, should I really be going sans-brace?  Up until now (5 months post injury) I've been wearing the immobilizer, so I don't feel like my leg is ready to go cold-turkey without a brace.  Should I try it anyways, or wait and see what the PT says?  Thanks!!!