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Author Topic: Hi from Beelgium  (Read 2506 times)

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Hi from Beelgium
« on: July 16, 2010, 06:00:30 PM »

I found this site while looking for information about the surgery on my left knee ("fulkerson osteotomy") thought i'd say a few words.In the past year i've had two surgerys on my left knee.The problem whas luxation of the kneecap (patella instability) this happend 7 times before  my doctor suggested a surgery whas needed.The last time it happend there whas also a fracture of the medial "knee bands" .I've had a surgery by the verry well known knee expert Prof Dr Bellemans and i must tell i'm feeling good there's only one downside i will never ever play soccer again (and that's the only sport i love) the doctor told me there is a risk it will happen again and if i don't watch out i can damage my whole leg so bad i loose it

it's hard to accept to say goodbye to your favorite sport but it's a sacrifase i've had to make