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Author Topic: HELP 2x bilateral femoral potello reconstruction & bilateral release & MORE  (Read 751 times)

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Hi dec 3 2007 had both legs operated on. when I awoke both were sore but the left leg was in excrutiating pain. I kept asking whats going on but was told same operation different legs. I was playing softball and squash 3 days before the operation. I have since had so much pain and not only the stress of having a baby at the time too didnt really help. BUT - the dr tightened my left potella October last year and has not made it any better - maybe even worse. The pain is really bad and still have not full control of my leg. I have been going to pain management but that has got to the end of its teather where they want to put a probe in my back because of nerve problems now. The Original dr booked me in on the 26th of this month to shave some bone off and have a look under the potella again as it grindes so much now it is disgusting. I feel he doesnt really listen to me. I have seen another top surgeon but he says it looks as if I can not do anything. I am seeing another top surgeon on the 19th as I have high hopes on getting some relief or getting my life back. I just dont understand why the left leg is so different to the right. I just wish my leg was not in pain anymore. I can hardly do the shopping, I am on crotches at least 2 weeks out of every month. I really need some help and am now finding life really difficult because before the operation I was sporty had a good job booming family and I feel I have now lost the lot. I am very limited in what I can do for work and end up having to have time off for rehab or treatment. I struggle raising my family. and can not even jog let alone run to play sport or dance. VERY hard to deal with. I was told I will be playing sport again after I get the screws taken out of my legs and its nearly been 3 years. I dont know how I will cope if I have to go another 3 years. anyone hear of this operation going totally wrong and has anyone got a magic wand?? really would like some feedback. Ta chanknee