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Author Topic: Painful knee - any advice?  (Read 709 times)

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Painful knee - any advice?
« on: July 04, 2010, 05:04:48 PM »
I am feeling bewildered at present, so I don't quite know what I am asking: Nearly 3 months ago I was travelling between countries, dragging my case to the bus, thought airports, onto the tube etc. The following morning I woke up with a painful left knee, no visible swelling, though it felt swollen. Walking OK, though aware of pain and discomfort. Then I waited for it to go away, which it didn't do. About a month later I saw the GP just before I was going on holiday, as I feared my knee would hamper my holiday. I had experienced pain, a sense of wobbliness when walking, though not constant, always most pain on going down stairs (my right knee as well) and downhill. GP thought sprained ligament and recommended anti inflammatories. I hate taking them, but took one prescribed strength, each mornign while away. We walked a lot and though uncomfortable especially on steps and stairs (penguins have nothing on me!), it didn't worsen for the first 10 days or so. Then, one morning, after a long distance journey by bus and a mile walk previous night down a hill, it was much worse. I could walk, but at first only with huge effort, later, on the downhill stiffly and with gritted teeth. Still no visible swelling (I have naturally lumpy knees). For the last few days away all got really bad, as my lower legs also swelled up with heat and too much walking and also golfer's vasculitis. Could still walk, but only slowly with effort and not far. Saw a different GP when I got home: she suggested arthritis with ligament involvement. Suggested painkillers, but nothing else. For the first time ever I felt somewhat dismissed and wondered if it was my age. I suggested physio and she agreed. However, before I can get the appt I will be off again to care for my elderly mum for 6 weeks. So I saw a private physio. He went down the ligament route, but not much in the way of suggestion of exercises. So after another week or so, with some days better, some worse, I saw a different physio, who assessed much more carefully. Agreed with it probably being arthritis, based on the fluctuations. Also emphasised that it all inflames soft tissue, thus ligament pain. Got good exercises to do. So I believe now it is arthritis, possibly in both knees, but only one that is playing up except when on stairs. Wondering now what I should do, both in the way of seeking help and also self help. I don't do gym (too expensive!!), but walk as much as poss and do recommended exercises. Have noticed it has affected my ability to stretch, particularly the muscle on the front of the thigh, so I pay extra attention to it. Have noticed on 'bad' days I find it hard to get to do much at all. It really slows me down in all ways. It can hurt at night, eg in certain positions. Kneeling is basically out as is sitting cross legged, and getting out of the car can be 'interesting'. I have found that how it is first thing, sort of sets the tone for the day, eg even if walking hurst it doesn't seem to make it worse just then, whereas if it is worse when I wake up it stays more like that. The fluctuations can be somewhat inexplicable. As I said, not sure what I am asking, but any kind of help/advice/suggestions would be welcomed! I am new to this!