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Author Topic: New kneecap break- general questions.  (Read 574 times)

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New kneecap break- general questions.
« on: July 04, 2010, 04:03:39 PM »
Hello all-

Spent last night in emergency room to find out I have broken my kneecap as result of fall. Currently wearing the restraint device, using crutches, and taking meds. Can't see orthopedist until Tueday due to 4th of July holiday weekend but hospital felt I would need surgery.

1. Suggestions for how to shower?
2. What clothes do you wear with this restraint device that covers whole leg? I am female so I guess I can wear skirts but what do men do?
3. Can't really tell from the posts what to expect post-surgery (knowing all recover differently.) Will there be a period right after where I am completely bedridden or can you use crutches immediately?
4. Crutches hurt my underarms. Any suggestions?

Thanks for any help at all. What a great site- I will try to remember to jump in and help others as I go through this experience and have more to share.

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Re: New kneecap break- general questions.
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2010, 04:45:51 PM »
Glad you found us, just a FYI - most broken patellas hang out in The Specialist's Office -->Bones breaks around the knee.  My injury is different, but I can answer some of your questions.
For showering, if you are allowed to get your leg wet, use a garden chair or bench in the shower to sit on.  I just had a tub shower, so I got a transfer bench that sits half in and half out of the shower.  You sit down outside the tub and then scoot inside.  The shower curtain slides into the gap in the bench.  My boyfriend changed out my usual shower head with a handheld type, it made showering much easier.
For the first 2 months I wore sweats, sometimes with the brace over them, sometimes under.
I was up the day after surgery with a walker, but spent 99% of my day on the couch.
If your crutches hurt your underarms, they are either too tall or you are not using them correctly.  You should be able to put at least 2 fingers between your underarm and top of the crutch.  Resting your underarms on your crutches can cause nerve damage.  I used a walker in the house and a wheel chair outside until I was weight bearing.
Sending healing rays your way
8/4/07 fell
8/5 diagnosed TPF
8/6 surgery plate and 6 screws
8/12 out of hospital NWM
8/21 staples removed
9/18 OS appt - WBAT with crutches
10/10 - WBAT with cane
10/27 - back to work w/cane
12/26 - no cane, slight limp when tired
1/25/08 - released from PT, no limp
2/3/09 - Released by OS