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Author Topic: Chondrotissue procedure  (Read 5637 times)

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Re: Chondrotissue procedure
« Reply #15 on: May 20, 2012, 05:07:47 PM »
Oh dear, am going to resurrect this thread after nearly 2 years   :'(

After a year or so of relative knee calmness, the pesky joint started to play up again earlier in the year and I am having a course of hyaluronic acid injections to try to settle it.

However, I asked the OS (my original one) yesterday what my options would be if the jabs didn't help as wehope and his view is that the time has come to try to fix the defect and his recommendation would again be AMIC.  I had a second opinion on his recommendation and indeed a second scope with a view to potentially having MACI - however, the MACI wasn't done due to a valgus alignment and kissing lesions (grade 2 on tibia) and the deemed the chance of success too low and suggested an osteotomy as a potential future step.  So he had a bit of tidy and gave me a Durolane jab and all had been ok for a year

Surgeon number 1 does not think the alignment is that bad and does not need correction (probably a good thing as the thought of the osteotomy terrified me more than the cartilage repair (although that's no walk in the park either!

AMIC wasn't done previously as it is not approved on the NHS (or it wasn't back then), nor would my then private HC company pay for it due to lack of data etc (same reason why it is/was not offered on the NHS). 

I don't know if my current PHC company would pay (apparently back then, this company did cover it, but I am not sure now, given they have also recently stopped paying for MACI apparently)  :-\

As far as I know, the defect is still full of its original fibro, although the area has become progressively more tender and walking any distance can be painful, with the knee feeling like it may give out  :-\

Has anyone actually had AMIC (mfx + membrane to form a scaffold)?  No one piped up last time but perhaps now - it would certainly appear to be a newer theory than (M)ACI?

I don't really want to even think about any of this - but if in 6 months, things are no better, I may have to  :-\  so any thoughts would be appreciated  :)
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