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Author Topic: Partial Medial Meniscal Tear Repair - How worried should I be?  (Read 864 times)

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by: Anonymous

I have a question, hopefully someone can offer some insight.

I had meniscus reattachment on the 3rd of June; partial tear in the medial meniscus, they stitched it back together and sent me home. Swelling has gone down for the most part, and there's no pain; I have regained most of my flexion, too, though I'm limited to 120 degrees.

I did something a little less than wise, however. This past monday, I was instructed that I could begin walking with crutches within a week. Rather than listen like a good patient, I let my 19-year old know-it-all side take over, and decided I could try walking between classes using only one crutch. This was on Wednesday, two days into the week before I could start walking with crutches.

After 30 minutes of being up and about, my knee started to swell up, and I panicked. I visited the university sports medicine doctor, who said she doubted I had torn it again if I didn't feel a sudden jerk, but that I should call the surgeon to make sure.

I know she's right, but I'm afraid to call and admit my stupidity, and, moreover, really don't have time to drive back to my hometown for another examination. My leg has returned to normal (well, as normal as it was) since Tuesday, and I've been non-weight bearing - though, I should note that the leg feels a little "squeakier" than before, I'm not sure if I just think so because I'm so concerned now. I'll mention it to PT tomorrow, of course, but does anyone have any insight on whether or not I might have compromised the repair? How easy is it to completely retear a meniscus roughly 2.5-3 weeks after surgery?

Frankly, after reading online, it doesn't sound like I did a good thing - at all. In addition to the 30 minutes (spread out across roughly three hours) on Wednesday morning, I also had to carry some things from my truck up to my apartment the previous night. This involved going up and down a flight of stairs, carrying heavy objects, three times. A meniscal repair is supposedly extremely fragile, but given that it wasn't a complete tear to begin with, how worried should I be? (I'm pretty worried already.)

Other notes: I also had plica excision. Operation was on my right knee.