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Author Topic: Re-tear of meniscus after ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair surgery?  (Read 3268 times)

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Hello all!

I completely tore my right ACL while playing lacrosse this past october and had double bundle reconstruction surgery in December.  During the surgery, the doctor also trimmed and put a stitch in my meniscus, which was torn. The surgery was a little more involved than usual because I have about 124 degrees of hyperflexion in both knees, and my doctor had to find a suitable level of "tauntness" for my new ACL. My kneecap was also beat up (I believe he said it had a fracture) and he did some shaving on it to smooth it out.   Because of all of these issues, I was told to expect there to be some additional pain and possibly a slightly longer length of recovery.

Well, it is now June and I still have sharp pain in my knee. I was supposed to be able to start running in April, but currently, due to doctor's orders, cannot even bike until I see him for my next check-up in a couple of weeks.  Because of the pain, I had to discontinue physical therapy, and cannot do any type of lunge or squat.  I find that, after I have been sitting for almost any amount of time, when I get up I have pain and stiffness in the middle of my knee.  Walking up hills causes the same pain, although intensified, and walking down hills causes pain as well, although centralized more in the back of my knee.  Walking on flat surfaces also causes pain, but not as intense, as well as a hot, swollen feeling.  When I wake up in the morning it is stiff and hurts, and it also randomly feels like it is going to give out. It pops occasionally.

In May (what was supposed to be my final "good to go" doctor's visit), my doctor gave me injections in both knees (I also have extreme cracking/popping in my left knee) that were supposed to potentially cure my pain.  The injections were made out of the stuff in rooster combs. I cannot remember the name, but it is commonly used for older people with osteoarthritis, and was supposed to lubricate my knee joints. It did not do anything.

Does anyone think it is possible that I re-tore my meniscus after surgery? It feels at least five times worse now than it did before surgery.
I have a very high tolerance for pain (I tried to keep playing in the game after tearing my ACL), and this whole pain in my knee has me wondering if I am going crazy!  I have talked to the doctor on the phone and, before I had to quit, regularly talked to my physical therapists.  Neither of them seem to have any kind of definitive answer as to why I am having pain.  They just tell me that whatever it is, it's not good.

As I said, I am visiting my doctor in a couple of weeks, but I would really like to go into the meeting with a clear-ish idea of what is going on with my knee.

Oh and if this helps, I am an athletic girl in her early 20s. 

Thank you!! ANY input would be greatly appreciated. I think i am going stir crazy from not being able to run for so long!  Life without exercise and competition is something I am having a hard time adjusting to.
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You should check out Nelson's post-op diary--nbond.  He had meniscus and ACL repair and in spite of religiously following his post-op protocol, he ended up re-tearing his meniscus post surgery. He subsequently had a second op to re-do the meniscus. It's all detailed in his post op diary.
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