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Author Topic: Active 25yr old; diagnosed with Stage 4 chondromalacia- what do i do?!  (Read 1254 times)

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I am an active 25 year old that loves to play tennis, volleyball and several other sports.  I also enjoy zumba classes.  I was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 chondromalacia in my right knee and stage 2 in my left knee.  I don't have chronic knee pain but after playing tennis or going to zumba, my knees ache.  I have already given up running because of the pounding on my joints.  Any suggestions about other activities or solutions to such a problem?  I am worried about knee pain at age 25...will i be able to remain active when i get older?!

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I feel your pain..I'm a formerly very active 26 year old with bad chondromalica in both knees, and I'm pretty sure my active days are over unfortunately. Hopefully not for you though.

Just curious, how do they tell what "stage" you are in? My doctor never said anything about this.
Deeply regret having knee surgery...hoping it can be fixed.