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Author Topic: broken patella  (Read 695 times)

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sheila edwards

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broken patella
« on: June 08, 2010, 02:03:29 PM »
hi, new to  this site,but would like to know if anyone has had the same as me and able to give any info.
i broke my patella in two and had to have surgery, with a wire which has to come out in about a year according to the surgeon,i find the doctors and physio give you very limited info and leave you not knowing what to expect, so discovered this site and decided to see if anyone can give me some advice.
like i said i broke patella in half on the 27th march,was one week inhospital with a cast from ankle to thigh,came out of hospital and had the cast on foir a further 6 weeks, then had the cast off was told not to weight bear for 2 weeks,but just to lower and higher my heel,week after that went to see the physio,who told me to just try sitting down pushing leg gently forwrd and pulling back to as far as i could go,or until i felt pain, and he would see me again in 3 weeks, i had 20 degrees of bend when i went in to see him, and after i came out from the session i had 35 degrees, and he said he xpected a vast improvement when i go again in 3 weeks . the week after that i went to see the doctor who said i could now start to weight bear but mostly concentrate on trying to bend my leg by stretching arms out in front of me to a wall and squatting to as far as i can and keep doing this .
so i have been doing both these exercises now for 3 weeks, the physio appointment is this week,i have now got about 90 degrees and its 12 weeks since the op is this good or bad as i dont know what he is expecting?and also te swelling on the knee is gradually going down but the ankle and calf is swelling up is this normal?
i would appreciate it if anyone who has gone through the same could tell me.
thank-you very much.
yorkshire lass