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Author Topic: On going medial pain. . . looking for answers?  (Read 718 times)

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On going medial pain. . . looking for answers?
« on: September 05, 2010, 07:01:52 PM »
Hello Board,

I have recently discovered this web site as I am looking for answers that I cant seem to find about on going pain through the inside of both knees. I am 31 years old and work as an Electrician.

My history of injury started around 2 years ago with a sporting injury (impact to the outside left knee) I iced it and although I was in allot of pain, struggled on back to work discovering some weeks later I had a grade 3 MCL tear. I took a couple of weeks of work and began rehab, but was back at work limping around before full recovery. Around 6 months later I had an accident at work and  fell from a ladder getting my right leg caught between the rungs on the way down! I immediately had scans done this time discovering a grade 2 MCL tear.

I then spent time resting and in PT rehabilitating my new injury, the only problem was that my left knee, previously my bad knee then became my good knee and stared carrying all my weight.

The right knee seemed to recover well but i still had on going pain in my right knee. I then had a motor bike accident in March 2009 injuring the left again (no tear this time just swelling and bruising) . The swelling went down and I continued working but with ongoing pain persisting on the medial side of the joint I went to a OS and had an MRI showing the knee to be okay, on advise that some things can be missed on MRI (meniscus etc.) I went on with an arthroscope in Sept 2009. My OS diagnosed despite a small cartilage tidy up the joint looked to be in good condition, exept for some slight scaring on the MCL.

I then rehabilitated the knee with swimming and cycling and started to feel pain free in the knees for the first time in 2 years. Unfortunately it was short lived as some lower back cause me to slow and eventually fall out of the exercise routine.

In around March this year I noticed my left knee beginning to hurt again and slowly the pain increased, and before long I was feeling pain in both knees and it continued to get worse. I went to my Dr and PT and they both said it was probably work. I was planning a long holiday at the time so they presumed some rest would help them to recover again.

I stopped working and tried some acupuncture before departing on my holiday. I didn't work for 2 and a half months and spent 6 weeks at PT performing all exercises advised by the PT. I have now stared working again and am working on a work site with ALLOT of stairs! After little result from allot of time and money at physio have decided to look for other options.

I have full range of motion with both knees, and no signs of swelling, although I have constant pain on the medial side of both knees, the right worse with some aggravating pain when sleeping sometimes when walking feeling like the joint is twisting causing a sharp pain. I am lost for answers and what direction to take next, and where to get a definite diagnosis of the cause of pain and what treatment will help me to be pain free?? I'm hopeful that this is not something I have to battle with for the rest of my life.

Any help and advise would be greatly appreciated.