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Author Topic: Knee pain after exercise, who should I see?  (Read 730 times)

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Knee pain after exercise, who should I see?
« on: May 10, 2010, 02:55:27 PM »
Hi there,
Apologies for the length of this post. I've been getting recurring knee pain for the last few months and someone recommended this forum for advice.

The knee pain is exclusively in my right knee, and seems to be mainly just below the patella and towards the outside (right hand side). I first noticed the pain last summer after cycling from Manchester to Sheffield. It was fine until the next day when, after driving for an hour through heavy traffic I could barely straighten it, and could only hobble on it for a while. Since then it is fine unitl I go for a run (have just started running sporadically again) when it will start to hurt about 15-20 min into the run and then again after I've rested for an hour or so, and after cycling for a short while. It also occasionally hurts after a long day hiking (it seems to mainly be set off by walking across sloping ground rather than along a path). I would describe myself as pretty fit and very active (although don't really run much, and cycle even less).

A friend of mine is a podiatrist and she recommended that I see a podiatrist as I apparently have a very bad gait, so saw one who diagnosed me as having my right leg shorter than my left so I pronate with the right and supernate with the left (i think...) to compensate resulting in shock loading of my right knee. He gave me some orthotics to counteract this. As the problem persisted, and I didn't fancy paying for another costly visit to the podiatrist, I went to see my GP hoping to get a referral to an NHS podiatrist, who just gave me a prescription for some anti-inflammatories to apply when it started hurting. Both my podiatrist friend and another friend who works with orthotics reckon I need a wedge and should be seen by a podiatrist (my friend has moved to Oz so can't really see her), however my GP disagreed.

So can anybody recommend who I should go and see? It's quite frustrating as it's limiting my running, and more importantly I don't want to give myself lasting knee problems. Any advice much appreciated,

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