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Author Topic: Need some advice/information on Knee injury - Chronic pain  (Read 838 times)

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Hello Everybody,

I have been having chronic knee pain and swelling after a knee injury.
I had undergone two arthrscopic surgery in the last 12 months but my symptoms are still persist.
I had a medial mensicus tear and cartilage damage.

I've been hearing lot about prolotherapy treatment, has anybody tried out this.
Yes I went through the thread of GB apart from GB I don't see any other thread for this treatment.

Kindly post your experiences and advice on this prolotherapy. For the last one year I have been suffering with this knee pain.
Since am putting lot of weight on my other leg am starting to feel some discomfort on the other leg too !! am bit worried now.
So please advice if you any other information on the prolotherapy treatment.

Appreciate your inputs.

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