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Author Topic: Weight Bearing x-ray of my knees - anybody good at reading them?  (Read 5296 times)

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Hi all,

Just been sent a cd showing the weight bearing x-ray of my knees - which I was sent to have after arthroscopy on my left knee a couple of weeks ago. I have hopefully attached part of the x-ray showing my knees and was hoping the good people here would have an input as to what, if anything, they are showing. Won't be seeing my consultant for a few weeks so thought I would take the opportunity to use the extra time to get myself prepared with any potential questions.


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Re: Weight Bearing x-ray of my knees - anybody good at reading them?
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2010, 12:42:12 AM »
One of the things they look for on the weight bearing x-rays is joint spacing to see if there is normal spacing where the cartilage should be.  Was your scope just exploratory or were they treating something?  What kind of problem are you having?
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Re: Weight Bearing x-ray of my knees - anybody good at reading them?
« Reply #2 on: June 19, 2010, 06:25:51 AM »
Smillie is right - they look at the space between the femur & tibia. They also look where you are bearing the most weight. I AM NOT A DOCTOR - your right knee looks pretty good! If you draw a line straight down from the he hip joint through the femur it goes right into the tibia & straight down to your ankle.

On your left leg - you can see the femur & tibia have a smaller "gap" on the medial side. On the lateral side there is a larger space. If you draw a line - you'll see there is more weight on the medial side of the joint. Also the tibial plateu is almost right on the femoral head. Does your left knee grind when you bend it?

Let me know what your doctor says. My OS shows me my x-rays & scans & asks what I see in them. Then he tells me if I'm right or wrong! I have a pretty good track record.

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