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Author Topic: Nightmare after meniscal repair  (Read 9591 times)

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Nightmare after meniscal repair
« on: April 27, 2010, 11:23:27 AM »
I tore my medial meniscus in April 2009. I was advised by my surgeon that it would be best to perform a meniscal repair, rather than meniscectomy, in order to preserve the cartilage. The is the operation that was performed, and it has been a nightmare ever since. The pain after the operation was excruciating, this last over a month. I then had rigorous physio to do for the following 4/5 months. My knee felt far worse off after the surgery, with accompanying knee cap problems and muscular issues, all of which were not present before the surgery. The meniscus then re-tore during rehab work after 5 months, extremely frustrating!

I had a meniscectomy to remove the torn cartilage in January 2010. The rehab has not been very good though and I have not noticed many improvements. I am desperate to get back to football (soccer), so I'm very down about it. My knee (and leg) now has several symptoms that were not present before the first operation:

-Knee cap (patella) issue, i.e. grinding and restricted movement
- severe muscle wastage
- twinges and pains in the meniscal area
- pain in the quads, particularly when walking upstairs
- burning in the thigh
- hip problems

I have been advised by my physio to lay off any rehab work for the time being and to see if it calms down. I have also had a further MRI scan and it shows signs of possible meniscal fraying. I am now a year on from the original injury and feel far worse than I did after it!

Has anyone had similar experiences / got any advice for me?

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Re: Nightmare after meniscal repair
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2010, 12:37:55 AM »
sam, yep, lots of folks have been down this road.  The repair was an attempt to do the right thing...but when it fails, it's depressing because you've already put in the hard yards to get back, and you get to start over.

I have noticed some muscle loss after my medial meniscus removal (I had ACLr and MM repair at the same time, MM repair failed at 7 months mark).  Also the patella pain and issues I've never had before, ditto there.  I know exactly what you mean.

In many ways, the meniscectomy recovery has been tougher than the ACL, just cause it's round two, and deflating.

Keep your head up and keep moving forward.  That's all I can say.  It's a day-to-day thing.  Sometimes taking some time off will help, but sometimes it just makes the joint stiffer and more uncomfortable.

9 months out from the start of my journey, and my knee is worse than when I started, but I'm going to give it 18-24 months before a final verdict is rendered.  I had wrist surgery one time, and was told 6 mos. recovery, and it took a year.  I was pretty pissed off at 6 mos, but now I am thrilled with that outcome.

I'm hoping that I can say the same thing about the knee in another year or so...hang in there!!!
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Re: Nightmare after meniscal repair
« Reply #2 on: May 08, 2010, 12:12:56 AM »
Hi there,

I also had a torn meniscus, the injury actually occurred in 2004 but doctors told me it was only swelling caused by a fall I had on the stairs.  I had an arthroscopy a year ago in May 2009 and I am still having a lot of problems-

knee swelling & inflammation- it feels quite warm and sometimes feels like its burning hot
swelling in ankles and under/around feet- to extent that I can't stand
muscle wastage - quads,they tell me to exercise and do the physio but it makes me worse, I prefer walking and stretching as I can keep more mobile instead of having to sit at home for days with pain.
I still use a crutch as I feel unstable
In a CT scan they found dark shadows on my femur bone, I've recently been told that it's nothing to worry about- but they had to send the scan to a specialist- took 5 months! somehow I don't believe them and will be asking for a second opinion.
I have been referred to the rheumatology department to check for rheumatoid arthritis

It has been a nightmare for me since 2004, since being just 23 years old!I've had to put my life on hold more or less. I am fed up and feel that no-one understands how difficult it is...

One thing that did help was taking Vitamin D and Calcium tablets- I felt a difference in mobility and pain within 2 months. You should get Vit D checked in blood test, as mine was very low and apparently a lack can cause pain.

Further I use icepack/frozen peas for swelling, also elevate legs against wall above heart level for 10 mins every morning and evening, eases swelling in feet if you have that problem.

Another final remedy is castor oil- sounds bizarre, but it works and it has helped me to get along with things. Apply castor oil to the swelling and cover with cotton fabric or socks and leave overnight. It reduces swelling. Google the properties of castor oil it's quite amazing.

Anyway best of luck  hope you get better asap. Please keep posting updates as it's nice to have some people to talk to about this.


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Re: Nightmare after meniscal repair
« Reply #3 on: July 01, 2010, 06:05:04 AM »
I'm almost in the same boat here.  Had the worst doctor in the world (I believe) work on my knee and there's been permanent damage to my knee.  All he did was a meniscus trim and he somehow tore up my articular cartilage. . I've seen 5 other orthopedic surgeons and they are stumped on how my first os screwed up a simple procedure, but he did.  Anyway, I'm 3 years out from my first surgery and it hasn't gotten any better since after the first year.  It took me 7 months to get my quads firing and the next year was just building it back.  I've also had another surgery to fix the first, but they could only do so much. All the muscles around my leg are pretty much at full strength, but running and jumping is out of the cards for me.  The doctors tell me my knee can only get worse and I should just enjoy it until I can't walk on it anymore, in which time it will be knee replacement.  At first, it was hard to swallow, but now I'm just trying to enjoy as much as I can.  No use sitting around and sulking. I can swim and bike, so I'm not totally debilitated.  I'll keep looking for specialists that can help me, but until then, I wish everyone the best of luck.
By the way, I also just had a trim on my other leg, but that one seems to be healing well.  It just gets stiff when I sit too long.  Some days, I barely even notice that I had surgery on it.
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11/2011: scope on rt. knee. diagnosis: varus knee
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